Thomas C. Bishop, Ph.D.
Hazel Stewart Garner Associate Professor
Physics & Chemistry

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Current Affiliations & Collaborations :

Louisiana Optical Network Initiative (LONI)
Ascona B-DNA Consortium (ABC)
BPS Multiscale Genome Organization (MGO)

Former Affiliations & Collaborations (LINKS MAY NO LONGER BE ACTIVE):

Consortium for Innovations in Manufacturing and Materials (CIMM)
Little Fe
Louisiana Alliance for Simulation-Guided Materials Applications (LA-SiGMA)
Flexible and Extendable Scientific Undergraduate Experience (FEScUE)
Global Federated File System (GFFS)

Founding Member Center for Computational Sciences
Founding Member New Orleans Protein Folding Intergroup
Foundig Member Biophysical Society MGO Subgroup

Educational Background:

1996: Ph.D. Chemical Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1990: M.S. Applied Math, New York University, Courant Institute
1987: B.S. Physics, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

Research Interests:

Tom Bishop is a computational molecular biologist. His primary research interests are the structure and dynamics of DNA and chromatin and how they relate to genetic function and disfunction (e.g. transcription, regulation, replication and repair). He studies molecular events in the hormone response mechanism as a model system for this research.

He has developed a multiscale model of chromatin that bridges between atomic and continuum scales.

Dr. Bishop has received support for this research from the Louisiana Board of Regents, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health. Current support is from the Louisiana Board of Regents and the NIH.


2011 - - Associate Professor: Louisiana Tech University, Departments Chemistry & Physics.
2007 - 2011 Research Associate Professor: Tulane University, Center for Computational Sciences.
2003-2007 Assistant Professor: Tulane University, Department of Environmental Health Sciences.
1998-2003 Joint Faculty Appointment Program Professor Concurrent Appointments:
    Assistant Professor, Tulane University, Department of Environmental Health Sciences.
    Assistant Professor, Xavier University, Division of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences.
1996-1998 Postdoctoral Associate: Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley, Professor John Hearst.
1997 Lecturer: University of California at Berkeley, Department of Chemistry (summer session)
1992-1996 Research Assistant: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Professor Klaus Schulten
1991 Instructor 5-6 grade math: Westside Catholic Elementary, San Antonio, Tx.
1990 Teaching Assistant: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Dept. Chemistry.
1988-1990 Math Tutor: Department of Continuing Education, New York University
1986-1987 Math and Science Tutor: Athletics Department, Louisiana State University
1965-1986 bike rider, water skier, goofball, pizza maker, busboy, lifeguard, camp counselor, common laborer, landscaper, lab rat ....